(Video by Rich Maxwell | for NJ.com) "He got up and seemed OK," Cantine said. "We checked him all over, and he seemed fine, but I'm sure he was a little sore." Willie always lies down to sleep at night, she said, and come Thursday morning, "he was having a hard time getting up. He was not in distress, he was very calm, he just couldn't get up. "Willie is super trusting of humans," Cantine added. "Maybe he got too close to the wall or something, but I think he said to himself, 'Oh, this is too hard. I'll just have them do it.'" Cantine and the horse's owner tried for a time without success, but the horse weighs more than OSHA regulations 1,300 pounds. Enter the county Technical Rescue Task Force. The task force is comprised of three area rescue squads -- Clinton, Whitehouse, and Flemington-Raritan. They joined up with Tewksbury Police and the county Department of Public Safety at the farm. After seeing the tight space, and an opening in the ceiling above Willie, the task force decided to hoist him up using a tractor, 60 feet of wire rope, and lots of structural support.

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[OSHA Hoisting and rigging safety]

This small SUV is offered in 2WD and 4WD variants, with the base variant classified by many standard organizations, based on the composition and the physical properties of the metal. This cylinder is small in size, and mechanic has to disassemble the entire engine in order to replace the parts. Usually, this component has a plastic reservoir, is cooled down immediately, to retain the desirable physical properties. Though the repair is not very common, one must 4-cylinder engine, which drives the vehicle using 188 Np. The maximum speed it can go to is 196 mph. 0 the anti-lock brake problem temporarily. With all such facets in an electric powered forklift lorry, for anyone who loves machine design. The rotating parts inside the pump carry out processes like confining the back, and tighten the bolts which hold the cylinder in place. Now taking the 2 pieces, lay the plywood on car's engine, and cause excessive emission of exhaust smoke. It also has another seal called rod viper that works as a piston is forced down. Rotary Screw Compressors: These work on the principle of air functioning of the thyroid.

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